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Dad Kept Bees

By Graham Andrews

When beekeeping became an important part of their life, the family wasn’t prepared for the surprises in store for them, sometimes embarrassing, mostly humorous, but always fun, especially for the little boy whose job it was to follow his dad around the countryside taking the bees to different locations, following the honey flow, and meeting the characters from the Australian bush.

Life on their own new property became a joy to them all, especially when the boy wandered off to meet other children and explore the history of the area.

Like most plans, there were many upsets and disappointments, but there was a happy family who finally got what each of them dreamed of.

This book is suitable for readers in primary school.

This book is available as an e-book from the Amazon Kindle store for $2.99.

Print copies of this book are available for $AUD19.95 or $US13.00 approx from:


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Dad Kept Bees, by Graham Andrews, best selling author in the Geelong area of Victoria

Dad Kept Bees

ISBN  978-0-9924642-0-2

110 pages. $US13.00 approx