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You’re On Air

A guide to writing, preparing and presenting programs on community radio

By Graham Andrews

You’re On Air shows readers how to write scripts for radio - radio news, radio documentaries, radio drama, present programs on community radio, discusses the legal aspects of copyright, slander, and much more.

You’re On Air emphasises working for community radio, because there are so many more opportunities in this field for creativity than other streams of radio. It’s good experience. Community radio really is for everyone. The skills learned in community radio are readily adapted to mainstream radio.

This title was published in 1995 by Currency Press, but this edition has been completely revised and updated.

While many people would like to write for radio, they do not know how to go about developing their ideas, or, once basic ideas are written down, how to develop them into material suitable for radio. The aim of this book is to show that there is much, much more to radio than being just another disc jockey.

What's radio all about then? It's about entertaining people. It's about educating them. It's about amusing them. It's a process of enriching the lives of others. At the same time, it should be a process whereby you, the writer of programs, are fulfilled by being creative - writing programs that are fresh and original.

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You're On Air - A Guide to Writing, Preparing and Presenting Programs for Community Radio, by Graham Andrews

You’re On Air - print book

ISBN 978-0-9875092-7-7

151 pages. $US20.00 approx


1 Writing Your Script For Radio

2 Gathering and Presenting News

3 The Radio Documentary

4 Writing Radio Drama

5 Interviewing Techniques

6 Timing

7 Presenting

8 The Legal Aspects

9 A Look at Some Programs

10 Broadcast Technology

11 Community Broadcasting Codes Of Practice

Appendix A Sample Script Writing For Radio