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Easy Guide to Writing Winning Essays

A guide to writing winning essays for university or college

by Graham Andrews

Writing essays is an important part of any university or college qualification. Marks are awarded for the way you write essays. A good essay means good marks, higher grades, and so on.

This guide book will help you prepare winning essays that will earn you excellent marks.

Perhaps the most important difficulty that students face is in interpreting the questions. There are usually a few key words, and unless the main points are understood, poor marks for their assignments can be guaranteed.

It shows students how to develop a plan for their assignment, and how to get all the main points down in a logical, ordered sequence. It is easy to start writing once the student has a plan - the main topics, broken down using headings, and the treatment of each of those main topics using sub-headings.

The conclusion is an important part of most essays, and it is often in this section that many students fail to summarise their essay and give a sensible overview of the topic they have discussed. Shortcomings usually encountered in this section of essays are addressed.

References are an important part of any scientific writing, and are just as important in essays. Here, it is essential that students refer to a reasonable number of texts or journals, and the section on references will point the student in the right direction for compiling a reference list that is adequate, and which meets acceptable standards.

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1 What’s It About?

2 Important Considerations

3 Researching Your Topic

4 Starting to Write

5 Editing

6 References

7 Tidying It Up

8 The Final Check


Easy Guide to Writing Winning Essays, A guide to writing essays for university or college, by Graham Andrews, best selling author in the Geelong area of Victoria

Easy Guide to Writing Winning Essays

ISBN  978-0-9924642-3-3

56 pages. $US11.00 approx